Financial services professionals

Moore has an award winning Financial Services practice. As a result we have developed a deep understanding of the tax issues facing financial services professionals in relation to their personal tax affairs and the management of the structures in which they have an interest.

Financial services professionals are faced with all of the challenges faced by high net worth individuals in other sectors, but with the added complexities of regulation and often highly intricate and international business structures.

We provide advice to private client individuals in the following sectors:

  • private equity, often with carried interests;

  • hedge fund managers;

  • bankers, corporate financiers and investment bankers; and

  • asset managers.

However, we recognise that the issues facing a private equity manager with a long term stake in a relatively illiquid business will be very different that those facing for example an investment banker. We therefore have specialist teams dealing with each of these areas to ensure that the advice provided is specific and relevant to the individual.

We also work closely with our Financial Services team to ensure that new structures being established are effective from a business, personal and regulatory perspective. We also ensure at an early stage that tax efficient holding vehicles are established to warehouse the individual’s interests in the entities they manage.