Financial modelling

We recognise that the outputs of financial models are relied upon to make critical business decisions, whether it's to assess a corporate transaction, for strategic planning or operational change.

Our experienced team build robust, transparent financial models covering all circumstances and across a wide range of sectors. Our approach is to start with a clear understanding of the situation and design a bespoke model using proven methodologies and techniques. The advantages of our models include creating outputs and usability that are designed specifically for the user, as well as providing the flexibility of assumptions to perform sensitivity analysis.

Our financial modelling specialists develop solutions that not only meet immediate requirements but also deliver lasting value with many clients using them post transaction for the management and monitoring of their business.

Recent examples of our work include:
DPS29932-Corporate-finance-sector-icons-factory_circular.png Investment returns model for a $2bn oil and gas exploration project.
DPS29932-Corporate-finance-sector-icons-people_circular.png Financial model to assist budgeting and cash flow forecasting for a Premiership football club.
DPS29932-Corporate-finance-sector-icons-factory_circular.png Financial model to assess the strategic options for a division of a global manufacturing business.
DPS29932-Corporate-finance-sector-icons-lorry_circular.png MBI model for the private equity backed acquisition of a national fleet management business.
DPS29932-Corporate-finance-sector-icons_money_circular.png Financial model for a private equity fundraise for an overseas consultancy business.